DIY Apartment Tour

DIY Apartment Tour 2015


Living fabulously doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Take a tour of my low budget DIY apartment!

As a student, I can’t afford to buy expensive furniture and fancy decor, so I made most of it myself! Using Pinterest  for inspiration, I hunted down used furniture from Kijiji, re-finished the pieces or built some of it completely from scratch! Revamping old furniture or building it yourself is a great way to save money and customize things to look exactly the way you want if you have a specific vision. I ended up building my own coffee table and matching side console table which cost me under $70 each for wood and stain materials. Plus they came out looking super rustic and cool!

DIY Side Table and Mirror
DIY Side Console Table & Mirror

I wanted my apartment to have a bright, happy, and zen type feel so I made sure to look for a place with lots of windows for natural light and a balcony (since I don’t have a backyard). I also decorated with lots of green houseplants to really liven the space up and chose a white theme with bright coloured accents for the bedroom.

White flowers DIY bedroom decor Tumblr Balcony

Check out the full tour in the video below! Let me know in the comments if you’d like a full tutorial on how I built my furniture 🙂

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