how to get your shit together

How to Get Your Shit Together

Lately I’ve been finding myself getting super overwhelmed and lost in the never ending pile up of deadlines and to do lists. Some days I even feel like I’m slowly losing control. I know deep down that’s not true at all and the freelance lifestyle is something I chose and that I can always make a change in my life if I really wanted to.

Recently I came across a Youtuber who also lives in Toronto named Kalyn Nicholson (highly recommend subscribing to her channel) and she shared an idea in a video that really struck me as a better way manage your life. It’s called the “Get Your Shit Together Day.” Once a week she recommends to pick a day (ideally Sunday) where you will get your shit together, reset and prepare for the next week. I actually love this idea because realistically it’s almost impossible to be totally perfect every single day of the week. Instead, it’s much easier to take one day to yourself where you can bring yourself back on track if you find yourself slipping off by the end of the week for example.

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In a way, I like to think of this GYST day as a sort of mini New Years where you get to start over fresh and have a reset every single week. So building off of Kalyn’s tip, today I’m sharing some of my tips for what you can use GYST day for. Here are some super easy and effective things you can do to help manage your life better, feel more organized, and ultimately feel like you’ve got your shit together at least once a week:

Grocery Shop and Meal Prep:

Save yourself some cooking time and money spent on Starbucks snacks during the week by planning and pre-preparing meals for the week. Trust me, this is one of most rewarding things you can do on GYST day. You will thank yourself over and over again when you’re tired and cranky after a long day but there’s already a healthy meal ready for you to simply warm up in the microwave and chow down on! Pinterest is super fun for helping you find great meal prep recipes and you can easily plan your food using these free printable meal prep planning sheets I’ve got for you here!

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A few ideas of easy foods you can prep and grab to go are:

  • Boiled eggs
  • Nuts
  • Chopped up veggies
  • Cooked quinoa
  • Overnight oats or chia seed pudding
  • Healthy muffins
  • Energy Balls

Or you can follow my favourite healthy meal prep plans from another post I did on meal prepping here!


Treat yourself once a week to a well deserved pampering session. Everything from doing your nails, a hair and face mask–doing this always makes me feel more put together and I enjoy taking the time to take care of myself.


If you’re not able to workout everyday, at least make it your mission to work out on GYST day. Working out always clears my mind, energizes me, and gives me a fresh body reset feeling. Whether it’s a run to the park, a yoga YouTube video, or a real gym sesh, get some exercise in ya!

Clean Your Room:

During the week it can be hard to maintain a pristine room but I know that your environment can be a huge influence on you. When your surroundings are constantly cluttered, it’s easy to get distracted and the mess can start to reflect on the clarity of your mind. Do mom proud and run a load of laundry, make your bed, and do away with the dust bunnies. Not only is having a clean room better on your health, but I always feel more focused when everything is in order.

Call Your Mom/Dad/Sibling/Grandparent:

When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget to check in with the ones who love you. I’m definitely guilty of this and I don’t call my mom enough. Use this day to call and catch up!

Check In With Your Goals:

One of my favourite things to do once a week is check in with my goals. I have a vision board up in my room that depicts the type of person I want to be and the things I plan to accomplish one day. Take a moment to reflect on your recent actions and plan the next steps you can take in the upcoming week that will put you a few steps closer to your goals and dreams.

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Plan Your Schedule/Calendar:

Keeping your goals in mind, now take some time to schedule the steps and tasks you have to do to get you there. I like using a calendar to schedule in all my appointments, client shoots, and events. I use my planner to organize my to-do list in order of priority. It’s probably embarrassing how much joy crossing things off my planner gives me but keeping things on track with a planner is sooo worth it. To make it easier, I’ve got some free planner sheets you can print out and tack up on your bulletin board or keep handy by your desk!

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Plan Your Outfits:

The amount of time I waste in the mornings trying to decide what to wear that day, clothes everywhere on the floor, is ridiculous. I love planning my outfits a head of time for the week so I can just grab, get dressed, and go.


Even if everything else seems like it’s going to shit or I’ve had an awful day, if I can still mediate, I know everything will be okay. I used to think I didn’t have time to mediate but then I learned and realized that if you don’t have 5 minutes to take to yourself, then you need to meditate more than ever! Mediation doesn’t have to be sitting cross legged chanting “Oms” either. It can be as simple as taking deep breathes where you focus on exhaling longer than your inhales or doing a body scan (noticing the sensation of your toes all the way up to your head) in the chair of your office. I promise you’ll feel so calm and collected afterwards always!

For more tips on this I highly recommend listening to this.

free planner printables

Clean Your Makeup Brushes:

Clean em; your skin will appreciate you.

Read a Chapter:

So you promised yourself this year you’d read a couple pages of your book every morning or right before bed. In reality, you know that won’t happen but taking 20 minutes once a week to read? Come on girl, it’s not thaaaat hard. So go on and soak up those pages!

Am I missing anything? What do you like to do each week to get yourself back on track? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Andrew Obtinalla

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