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Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe: Tips & Tricks

Winter is on the horizon, and that means there will be plenty of cold, snowy days ahead. But the cold winter weather shouldn’t stop you from looking stylish this season. Refresh your wardrobe this winter with layers, scarves, cuffs and stockings!

Here’s a list of my go-to winter styles! (Hint: you can re-use and re-wear a lot of your fave sweaters for these).

Sweater Cuffs

winter outfit ideas
winter street style
Sweater cuffs are hands-down my favourite winter style right now. If you aren’t feeling like bracing the cold with a big winter coat, grab your favourite spring jacket and a knitted sweater and start layering. Once you have both pieces on, role the sweater up into cuffs and voila! The perfect sweater cuff.

Stocking Stilettos

stocking stilettos
If fall taught us one thing this year it’s that over-the-kneeboots are totally in style right now. It seems everyone is wearing knee-high boots with a cute knitted dress right now.

But the thing about boots? They cost a pretty penny to buy. So to get that sexy knee-high look without breaking the bank, buy a pair of knee-high stocking socks and turn your favourite pair of stiletto heels into your new favourite pair of boots.

Oversized Scarf Shawl

sweater shall
If you don’t feel like bundling up like an abominal snowman but you still want to stay warm, I highly suggest throwing an oversized scarf over a sleeveless top. Wrap it around your shoulders like a shawl and go!

Do you have a go-to trick you use to refresh your wardrobe? Tell me about it in the comment section!

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Guest blog written by Serena Quinn

Photos courtesy of The Double Jay Collective


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