The Ultimate Guide to Copenhagen

Welcome to the capitol of the happiest country in the world. Why is Denmark such a happy place? Well for one, a healthy and active lifestyle appears to be the norm here. In a place where bicycles are the lead transportation method and raw juice shops are as common as a McDonalds is to the average North American city, it’s no surprise that the majority of their population are flawless skin-glowing giants.

From the fresh and minimalist street style, the charming cobbled streets and gorgeous architecture, Copenhagen is a must-visit city on our never ending lists of wanderlust. I must warn you however, be prepared to spend a pretty penny in this expensive city. Ahem..I didn’t not accidentally spend $150 CAD on a single duck breast for dinner or anything…

Here’s where to eat, visit, and shop as your guide to Copenhagen:


42 Raw

To say that I was excited about visiting this place is an understatement. From healthy breakfasts to light lunches, this Danish establishment describes itself as a contemporary interpretation of 100% plant-based eating. Vegans, gluten free, and lactose free eaters can rave about this Copenhagen health gem. The acai bowls are great but I also hear the burger is fabulous.


The world’s first porridge bar opened on Jægersborggade. We visited the original but the restaurant has opened up four locations across Copenhagen since 2011. Grød is a trendy eat spot that makes porridge delicate, delicious, and versitile. From savoury to sweet, you can try acai chia porridge or apple cinnamon to Indian daal or cauliflower parmesan risotto porridge.

Atelier September

Danish breakfasts are better

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Atelier September Copenhagen
If you’re looking for a breakfast spot, this is it. With an amazing tea selection and unique Danish dishes like porridge with gooseberries and tarragon, grapefruit “Kyoto style” with fresh mint, and yogurt granola with zucchini and matcha, my tastebuds were in health food heaven. The decor makes for super cute Instagram photos as well and the perfect spot to bring a laptop and get some work done.


Yes you heard me. 7/11. This variety chain store is nothing like your typical North American stop-and-go though. I wanted to grab some snacks for our train ride the next day so I popped in here thinking I’d just grab some chips and a granola bar. Turns out, the 7/11’s in Copenhagen have revoltutionized the idea of fast food to-go always being terrible for you. Here you can grab ready made chia seed pudding, fresh buckwheat and spinach salads, paleo bars, and superfood bento boxes!


Nyhavn Canal

Nyhavn Canal
Stop here for a lovely patio lunch alongside a beautiful canal and multicoloured homes that havent changed in design since as early as 1681. Nyhavn was originally a busy international commercial port where sailors would hang at the many pubs and ale houses. Now people come here to enjoy the relaxed canal atmosphere, jazz music, and great food. We visited this canal during the summertime but apparently it’s amazing around Christmas time too where they fill the cobbled streets with a beautiful annual holiday market!

King’s Rose Garden at Rosenborg Castle


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Stroll around this pretty garden for a relaxed afternoon. Everything about this park is beautiful from its tree lined pathways, to it’s gorgeous statues, to it’s lovely rose garden maze, and majestic castle originally home to King Christian IV in the 17th century.



As one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in the world, this car free zone is lined with trendy shops like Zara, upscale designer names and tons of Danish fashion boutiques. I was so inspired by the super cool and minimalist styles of Copenhagen fashion not only in the shops but on the beautiful street style people had walking around. A must-visit!


From cozy basics to key trendy pieces, envii is a super affordable Danish fashion shop (considering Danish prices). The shop also sits conveniently at the corner of two great shopping streets near other trendy boutiques like Acne and fresh juice bars like 42 raw.


A beautiful shop that carries a number of unique Euro brands–kind of like a more sophisticated version of Aritzia. Enjoy a luxurious shopping experience with extensive plush seating around the store and gorgeous glass table displays. The shop is also super close to envii and 42 Raw as mentioned above.

Hotel Chocolat

När varm choklad fastnar så här bra på bild då vet man att den är bra 😂🙈 || Hot chocolate with salted caramel. 👌

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A chocolate lovers’ absolute must-see. If you’re a dark chocolate lover like me, you’ll be ultra impressed by their extensive 100% dark chocolate selection. They’ve also got a super cute cafe part that serves cocoa inspired drinks. That’s one big chocolate yes from me!

Wanna see Copenhagen more closely and all these hotspots in action? Check out my travel vlog!

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