how to be a successful fashion blogger

Business Advice from Toronto’s Top Fashion Bloggers

Everyone wants to be like a fashion blogger.

Flawless wardrobes, thousands of ‘Instalikes’, free beauty products at your disposal, and a diet that appears to only consist of perfectly embellished lattes and green juice? The lifestyles of today’s digital tastemakers/influencers/creatives–whatever you wanna call it–this is the epitome of “goals.

How to be a successful blogger

So what exactly does it take to be a successful fashion blogger and how do they make it look so easy and effortless? It’s not all fun and games. For example, a single Instagram post that an average person will glance at for .5 of a second before double tapping and scrolling past usually requires hundreds of photos, editing, lighting, scheduling, carefully thought out hashtags, and the ability to ignore scoffing strangers while you’re taking photos on the street or obscenely standing up on chairs in restaurants over your food without embarrassment (check out The Hidden Lives of Fashion Bloggers from Stuff Your Mom Never Told You for more on this).

Over the past few weeks I sat down with some of the top Toronto fashion bloggers I look up to to ask the questions that we all wonder. How do they spend their time? What keeps them motivated? The business rules they swear by? I learned a lot from the following 5 savvy business women killing the game in Toronto right now and I compiled their answers into a video you’ll find below! Take a look:

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Jodi Blk | @jodiblk_ | 49.3k +

Originally from Nova Scotia, Jodi Blk currently has Toronto in the palm of her sweetheart hands. Working with massive brands like YSL, Aldo, and Top Shop Canada, this style icon and her fitness guru husband, Jose Lopez, are the definition of a power couple. With her flawless minimalist black, grey, and white aesthetic, you can’t help but screen shot every outfit she posts for planning your own #ootd’s.


Chloe Sugar | @chloesugarr | 4.9k +

“Kind of a blogger, kind of sleep deprived” reads her Instagram bio. But don’t be fooled by the modesty; fashion blogger and stylist, Chloe Sugar, is a total fashionista badass who’s not afraid to make a statement and knows exactly what she wants.

how to be a successful fashion blogger

Sasha Exeter | @sashaexeter | 22.1k +

A fitness and fashion powerhouse, Sasha Exeter is one of the fiercest in the blogging industry. Now partnering with influential names like Lou Lou Magazine and Adidas, Sasha sat down with me to tell us her unexpected story to fitness and blogging success.

Jess Undecided
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Jess Undecided | @jessundecided | 13.6k +

And I thought posting one blog post a week was hard to keep up. Jess keeps a part-job, maintains a successful blog, and is currently studying to get her real estate licence. Hit her blog up for amazing style inspo, nutrition and travel tips!

The Lust Listt
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Victoria H | @thelustlistt | 56k +

True story: I met Victoria by introducing myself when I saw her and her beauty blogger squad vlogging at Figo (we bloggers must stick together right?). I later found out just how massive Victoria’s self-built platform, The Lust Listt, is. With over fifty thousand followers, Victoria’s blogging career is on fire–yet she manages to do the impossible and maintain an equally successful full time PR job.

Here’s the interviews!

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