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30 Ways to Happiness in an Hour

No one is as perfect or happy as they appear on Instagram, and I am no different. To be honest, these past two weeks have been hard. I’ve been feeling lonely and unable to control my emotions. I’m homesick, missing my travelling boyfriend, and a little lost after graduating university. Venting session or complaining—this is not (that’s what my best friend Rachel’s for…just kidding haha). Non-ideal external events and circumstances will come and go on the roller coaster of life and I’m still learning how to deal with them.

Today, I wanted to share 30 of the most effective methods/techniques to becoming happier in essentially an hour. These are things I have tried and tested over time (especially in the past two weeks) and have found just seem to work really well. So if you find yourself feeling lonely, anxious, discouraged, or down, I highly suggest you try some of the following things to not only feel better within an hour, but generally improve your overall happiness and mental health in the long term.

So let’s get started—30 Ways to Happiness in an Hour

1.Visit a local independent coffee shop

Cute coffee shops

As a Media Consultant, I work mostly from home which absolutely has it’s perks, but I can definitely go crazy sometimes being cooped up at home all the time. Every once in a while I like to change sceneries and visit a new local cafe to work at. In University I’d often study here too or chat with a friend over coffee on the weekends. Either way, high quality coffee + cafe vibes = cute Insta posts, mood boost, and support of your local economy!

2. Drink lemon water and green tea

Start your day with a fresh glass of water and lemon (hot in the winter, iced in the summer). Lemon has great detoxifying properties, and I always feel energized and refreshed when I do this first thing in the morning. Green tea can also add clarity to your mind and improve your health with its richness in antioxidants. Happy body = happy mind!

3. Listen to Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy Podcast

I came across this podcast while browsing free podcasts on the Apple podcast app to listen to on a long drive. Now I try listening to an episode at least once a week. Lori interviews and features different guests from the health and fitness world to digital entrepreneurs and more. Every episode is so fascinating and compelling—I always feel inspired after listening.

4. Go for a bike ride/walk/run


Go outside and move your body! Sitting at a desk for too long is seriously stifling and can make you feel easily irritated (at least I get that way). Exercise and nature can release natural endorphins within you making you feel instantly happier. One time I couldn’t stop crying my eyes out so I forced myself to go outside for a run (literally running away from my problems) and after 20 minutes I felt sooo much better.

5. Cut up some fresh seasonal fruit

There’s nothing better than fresh peaches and berries on a hot summer day!

6. Attend a workshop or webinar

Search and sign up for workshops happening in your area or an online webinar to learn new skills you are interested in. There’s lots of great free webinars held by amazing people and brands online. I live in Toronto and I love attending workshops hosted by Brain Station. Learn to better your life!

7. Do a yoga YouTube video


Yoga memberships can be hella pricy, and if that’s the case for you, YouTube is your best friend! Calm yourself down and stretch it out for free with a YouTube yoga class. Yoga with Adrienne anyone (she is the cutest!!)?

8. Visit a local cold pressed juice bar


Drink some fresh green juice or take a ginger shot! I like treating myself to one of these healthy luxuries to feel good about my body and refreshed. PS. I recently interviewed a juicing expert on the benefits that you can read here!

9. Turn your phone on airplane mode when you sleep

As a light sleeper, I wake up easily to the buzzing of my phone on the night stand. There is so much evidence of the important relationship between good quality sleep and happiness. Turn it off. No ifs, ands, or buts!

10. Turn your phone on airplane mode for 2 hours a day

airplane mode when you sleep

Take a daily break away from social media as it can cause a lot of stress, irritability, and anxiety. Stop mindlessly scrolling through Instagram obsessing over the “perfect” lives others have compared to you. Focus on present moments and turn off phone notification distractions.

11. Watch an indie flick

Try something different than your stereotypical Hollywood formulaic movie when you’re sick of life and all you want to do is go home and watch a movie. Try something more complex and artistic with an independent film. One of my favourites is Copenhagen by Mark Raso (check it out on Netflix!).

12. Visit your local book store


The other day I was feeling super mopey and blah so I walked to Indigo and just scoured the cook book and self-help section. I left feeling totally inspired!

13. Volunteer for a day at a puppy shelter

Who doesn’t love puppies!? How can you be unhappy around these adorable creatures?!

14. Plan a girls night with wine, snacks, and movies

If there’s wine and snacks involved, I’m in. And sometimes you just need your girlfriends.

15. Plan your week with a calendar


Whether it’s an app, computer calendar, or physical planner, write down everything you want and need to do. If I’m overwhelmed or unmotivated, this makes me feel like I actually have my shit together.

16. Meal prep for the week

Cooking can be a very therapeutic activity but it can also be a pain in the ass when you don’t have enough time. Minimize stress and spend a couple peaceful hours on Sundays to prep a bunch of delicious healthy meals to last you all week long. Trust me you will be so glad you did it when you’re coming home after school/work hangry af (always me).

17. Plan a trip

Paradise Beach

Plan a vacation getaway! Even if it’s not a realistic option for you at the moment, planning a future trip can get you excited and motivated to save up for it. I love watching travel vlogs to get inspired and researching the best locations.

18. Redesign your room

Bedroom Decor

We spend a lot of time in our rooms and the state of your bedroom environment can have a huge effect on our state of mind. If your room looks like a Sharknado came and left, clean it up! You’ll be surprised at how refreshed you’ll feel after. If you’ve had the same set up for ages and you’re feeling bored or stifled, rearrange some furniture and feng shui the shit out of it.

19. Meditate

This is an obvious one and these days people talk about meditation so much it’s nearly become an empty buzzword and lost all meaning. Really all it is, is just becoming aware of yourself and calming the noise in your head by focusing on just breathing. If you feel stupid or silly doing this, I recommend trying a 10 minute guided meditation session with the Headspace app with someone sort of telling you what to do as you go along.

20. Watch YouTube

There is so much great inspiring content on this platform. From interesting vlogs to tutorials to hilarious pranks and lifestyle videos. This is a great way to relax and I always feel better after watching a fun video.

21. Pinterest

No comment needed.

22. Paint

Even if you “can’t”–hello abstract–and it’s therapeutic.

23. Visit a local museum or gallery

This is something you generally only think to do when travelling somewhere else but your home is likely to have a cool exhibition too! Check it out for a change of scenery and feel, again, inspired!

24. Join an online community

online blogger communities

Network without having to get out of bed. Sign up for Ten Thousand Coffees, join a Facebook Group or Twitter Chat of your interest. There are so many interesting people who can offer support, friendship, advice, and resources related to your interests both career and hobby-wise and this makes me happy.

25. Learn a new skill

Skillshare or are great resources to learn almost any new skill. From cooking, to graphics, to photography, to coding, you can learn so much from watching tutorials and videos.

26. Call or visit your______

Mom/aunt/sister/grandma/etc. and take them for lunch! It’s so important to stay connected with people who support and love you, especially in tough times.

27. Buy some plants

benefits of house plants

Not only do they help regulate and purify the air in your home but being around nature is just plain good for humans. If you need some lift in your life, add some green.

28. Read a book

I recommend Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert or A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. These books are directly related to happiness too and they gave me a huge sense of clarity and insight to the inner workings of my mind.

29. Book a massage

I know these are often expensive but when it comes to investing in your happiness and well being, it’s 100% worth it. Just think how relaxed and good you’ll feel again after!

30. Listen to a happy playlist

I’ve done the work for you here and put together a playlist that makes me ultra happy. Take a listen!

I challenge you to do as many of these things as possible and join me on my happy mission! If you do anything on this list tag me @blogistiana on social media and let me know! 🙂

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