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The Ultimate Guide to California

By Guest Blogger: Emma Berglund 

Hollywood, Disneyland, Hiking and Surfing, just a few of the things you’ll find in the beautiful Golden State.

Personally I was most excited about Studio City and the gallons of fresh pressed green juice Cali natives seem to consume. While LA can be a bit tired and touristy, Burbank is quieter with beautiful sites, awesome studio tours, and fantastic hiking trails. If you’re looking for ocean views and a little souvenir shopping, Santa Monica is the place to be. So without further ado, here’s your Ultimate Guide to California (or at least Burbank and Santa Monica)–Instagram hotspots and all.

Warner Bros. VIP Tour – Burbank

I could write a whole post on this tour; my entire trip was worth it just for these 6 hours. If you’ve got a film/ TV obsession or plan to work in the industry, visiting Warner Bros. Studios is a must. They’ve got different packages starting from $79 CAD, but I recommend the ‘Deluxe VIP’ tour. Not only is it longer with way cooler perks (like visiting the props department and having lunch on the lot – I literally sat next to Christopher Nolan) but you get to stop anywhere you like and take photos. Oh and did I mention you get to visit Central Perk  from Friends and ride a broomstick through the Wizarding World? Seriously check it out.

*Psst! if any of you happen to be Gilmore Girls fans check out my Warner Bros. VIP Gilmore girls centric tour post here!

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Hollywood Sign Hike – Burbank
This hike is marked as ‘easy’ on California’s trail maps. If this is easy though, I don’t know if I’d survive a ‘hard’ hike. If you’re an avid hiker skip this one and checkout the trails around Santa Monica, but if you’re a newbie (and tourist) like me, this hike gives you a great view and a really good workout. Not only will it take you around 2.5 hours but getting down is just as hard as getting up – view however is totally worth it!

Downtown Burbank
If you’re looking for some Queen Street-like shopping, cheap flicks, and free parking, this is the place to visit. Burbank’s downtown scene is super small; it stretches across three streets, which I love. Not only does it have a mall with one of the best dress and accessory shops ever (Q) but it also has specialty shops like this used book/movie store with books, comics, and films piled sky high everywhere you look. If you want to hit a film but save the cash, check out the AMC for a matinee $6.50 CAD!

Santa Monica Pier
There are no shortage of rides, seafood, or surfboards at the Santa Monica Pier. Walk the Pier to pick up some unique souvenirs, see fantastic street art, and listen to musical performers. Hit the beach to cool off, take in a surf lesson or get your tan on. Drink at one of many rooftop bars, scream on a roller coaster, or have dinner by the ocean at a sweet spot like ‘Ivy on The Shore’. Whatever your vice, the Pier has it all (including, ahem, prime Insta opportunities).

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Erin Mckenna’s Bakery – LA
If you love delicious baked goods stop by Erin Mckenna’s Bakery. I first discovered this amazing bakery at Disney World, vegan and catering to most allergies (which is fantastic for girl who’s anaphylactic to dairy and eggs) Erin Mckenna’s menu changes daily and everything is delicious! From dairy free soft serve to cinnamon doughnuts you don’t have to be a vegan to love these sweet treats!

Have you been to Cali? What local spots do you love?


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