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Putting Korean Skin Care Beauty Products to the Test

From bizarre formulas (hello bee venom and snail serums) and unusual skin regiments, Korean beauty has been taking over the Western beauty industry by a storm! Korean brands are moving onto the shelves at Sephora and no wine/Netflix/self-pampering session is complete without a Korean face mask. I’m always up for trying new beauty products out so when BB Cosmetic sent me a magical surprise package in the mail and asked me embark on a new skin care adventure, I jumped at the chance!

Here’s my review of some of the top Korean beauty products (psst! scroll down to the bottom for an exclusive giveaway!):

Benton Aloe Skin Trio

Korean Skincare

Korean Skincare

Thisย everyday cleansing set is super soothing with 80% of its formula base in aloe. The cleanser left my skin feeling super clean and supple after and the toner was super hydrating. My only complaint about this set would be the stickiness the soothing gel left on my skin. This product would be perfect for soothing a burn or irritated skin however.

Holika Holika Charcoal Egg Soap

Charcoal soap

This soap set’s packaging is so cute! It comes with two charcoal egg shaped soap bars in a cute little egg carton. Charcoal is most suitable for oily skin which is perfect for me. I loved this soap so much I wish it came with a full dozen!

Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask

egg face mask

egg face mask

Egg is an extremely popular ingredient in Korean skincare. I was super apprehensive at first, imagining a gross eggy smell from this mask, but the mix with coconut oil makes this sheet mask smell great! If you have dry or sallow skin, this mask is amazing for leaving your face feeling like a creamy smooth dream.

Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base

Korean beauty

Under eye stick

How adorable is this little eye stick!? I instantly loved this product–it smells super fresh, leaves your under eyes smooth and rejuvenated, and makes for an awesome base to your concealer. All around 10/10 for this guy!

Laneige Water and Sun Line

Korean skincare

Laneige Water Mask

If you love all the benefits of doing a mask but hate the process of putting slop (essentially) on your face, a water sleeping mask is the answer for you! Apply this clear gel mask on before bed and let the product go to work! I woke up with dewy hydrated skin and loooooved it!

Laneige Sun Block

Most sunscreens are so not face friendly, leaving your skin feeling like a greasy slick board. This one absorbed right away without stimulating any more oil production.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

korean face mask

By far the weirdest and coolest mask I’ve ever done! See what happens in the video below where I test these products out in real time!

Watch to see me try out these products in real time and see them in action!


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