Bedroom Decor Ideas

3 Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

If you’re a college/university student like me, you’re probably in the middle of moving out (or in) as the semester has come to an end (or forever! like me! I graduated! yay!). I don’t know about you but moving is stupidly exciting because–hello–redecorating! Whether you’re relocating or not, take this spring as an opportunity for a fresh start. Today I’m sharing some easy and pretty fabulous ways to transform your bedroom and spice things up with these easy decorating ideas!

Stylize your room with a fashion rack:

Bring your closet out of the dark and put it on display! I ordered this Ikea clothing rack that was literally $13 and hung up some of my favourite wardrobe pieces. Having an external closet can be so fun because you can change up the look and colour scheme as many times as you want in so many different ways!

Clothing Rack Decor
Clothing Rack Clothing Rack Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack

Some tips for styling a clothing rack?

  • Use matching coat hangers for a clean uniform look (you can buy hangers super cheap off Amazon).
  • Hang your accessories like bags and hats on the corners of the clothing rack to fill up space, add more visual dimension, and compliment the clothing.
  • Use clothing that fits a specific colour scheme or tone. This week I went for a nude/beige/neutral palette. Next week I might switch it up to a slick black and white theme. Have fun with this! (Plus Instas for daaaays)
  • Take advantage of your clothing rack and use it to plan out your outfits for the week to save time getting ready!

Move your bed under a window:

If your bed is up against a conventional wall right now, do a little rearranging! Having a window by your bed not only looks awesome but having that extra fresh air to breath in while you’re sleeping is so pleasant.  And nothing makes me happier than laying in bed on a lazy Sunday with those warm sun rays shining through!

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Decor Bedroom Decor DIY Pillows

Another thing you can do to brighten up your room is add some new throw pillows to your bed. Go fabric shopping and DIY your own pillow cases like I did! Check out my DIY throw pillow tutorial here for a how-to.

Declutter your desk space:

Having a messy desk can be distracting and discouraging. I find having a clear organized desk space is much more motivating for me to actually sit down, focus, and get some work done! I took this simple table desk and painted it white for a clean look. Then I removed all the unnecessary junk off of it, added a fresh plant, and a few inspiring books or magazines. The chair was an old broken kitchen chair I DIY’d up with a new cream suede seat cover and I kept the original wood because I really liked the antique look to it.

Desk Decor Desk Decor Desk Decor Desk Decor Desk Decor Desk Decor

If you’re moving into a new place or switching up your room, send me pictures! Tag me in a photo on Instagram or Twitter 🙂 Happy decorating.

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