Morning Routine

Get Ready With Me: Winter Morning Routine


I used to not be much of a morning person but now the AM is one of my favourite parts of the day! Having a full hour to myself before the day’s craziness is super relaxing and therapeutic to me. So here is my daily winter morning routine of tea, skincare, healthy smoothies and self-love:

8AM – Wake Up

I usually don’t get to bed till after midnight and I’m trying to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night but I would like to start getting up earlier. First things first, I typically check emails and apps like Instagram in bed. Then I’ll put on the kettle to start my tea or hot water with lemon and a pinch of cayenne to jump start my system.

Winter Morning Routine

8:15 AM – Brush Teeth & Shower

I used to think it was weird to brush your teeth first thing in the morning rather than after breakfast. But if you think about it, that gross taste in your mouth is bacteria that’s built up overnight. Do you really want to swallow all that?

8:30AM – Skincare Routine & Makeup

Check out the full YouTube video below to see my full skincare and makeup routine!

Winter Morning Routine

8:50AM – Breakfast

Some of my favourite breakfast meals are green smoothies, power oatmeal bowls, boiled eggs and protein shakes! I’m tracking everything I eat for a three-month health and fitness challenge by the way! While I eat, I also like to plan out my day and look at my schedule or to-do list.

9:10AM – Hair Care

I usually wear my hair down air dried and naturally wavy but sometimes I’ll change it up and go for a low chignon, curls, or a high pony tail.

9:30AM – Head Out

To see my full winter morning routine in action, watch the video below!

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