DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Holiday Countdown

It’s officially December so we can finally countdown the days till Christmas! 

DIY Holiday Countdown Calendar

This year I’m counting down the final month of 2015 with a DIY holiday countdown personal advent calendar! If I had the extra dollars I would totally snatch one of those luxurious advent calendars from The Body Shop or StarBucks. Instead I’m saving the money to spend on everyone else instead of myself by customizing my own personalized holiday countdown that costs under $10 to make!

DIY Christmas Decor

The contents you put inside each day’s little envelope is totally up to you, but here are some ideas if you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate or candy:

Personal Daily Goals: This could be an opportunity to think about your goals and what you’d like to accomplish before the end of 2015. Challenge yourself each day to try something new or cross something off your life goal to-do list. This might be something like: “Do something today that scares you” or “Disconnect from social media and technology for an hour.”

December Fitness Challenge:

December Fitness Challenge

Festive Holiday Activities:

Festive Activities to do during the Holidays

Daily Acts of Kindness:

December Instagram Photo Challenge:

December photo challenge

Check out the full tutorial video below to see how I made it. PLUS i’ve snuck in a little DIY Christmas Tree cards how-to project using free paint samples and a homemade holiday Starbucks drink recipe!

DIY Holiday Cards

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Check it out here!

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